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Cleantel Commercial Services


    Corporate office cleaning Involves daily dusting, cleaning and wiping of Workstations, Cabinets, Pantry, Restrooms etc.. We ensure that all dustbins are emptied and disposed off to the Municipality bins. The office floor is cleaned to maintain it spic and span. Cleanings are generally scheduled based on client requirements.


    Malls outlets are one of the busiest businesses in UAE. We ensure that our Business associate do not fall back in impressing its customers. Our Daily routine involves cleaning the Cash counters, Wall shelves, Floor cleaning, Streak free Glass windows. We ensure that all dustbins are emptied and disposed off to the Municipality bins.


    Keeping in mind the size and functionality of the warehouses and showrooms we deal in our business process. Warehouse needs to be clean and dust free since its products needs to be transported elsewhere. Showrooms follows specific timings since it has walk - in customers daily. Floor cleaning along with restrooms, Pantry, Workstations, Windows and glasses etc needs to maintained on a daily basis.


    Hotels & Restaurant needs very careful attention since it is a place where food is served to the customers. Hygiene is one of the top priority in this area. Our staffs are trained to handle cleaning inside kitchen areas.


    Schools and universities involve daily cleaning of Classrooms, Management rooms, Restrooms,Pantry, Reception areas, Halls, Meeting rooms, Corridor, Staircases, Windows and glasses. Generally cleaning are carried out During and after School or University hours.

    Commercial cleaning works are done based on

    • Daily Program
    • Weekly program
    • Monthly program
    • Yearly program